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My buyer’s agent services are set apart from other agents by my analytical and thorough approach. Like spreadsheets? I’m your agent.

Working with me, you’ll get:

  • Deep-dive comp analysis of property you’re considering. I show my work, giving you a good handle on the property’s true current market value regardless of how it was priced for listing. 
  • In-depth disclosure reviews. I don’t just throw the disclosures over the fence and ask if you have questions, I read them too, and provide an analysis of what’s concerning, what’s missing, and what’s not. I get the questions answered, so you have open eyes and confidence about the property’s condition and what’s going on with the property you’re considering.
  • Top Agent Network (TAN) information about listings, which only the city’s top agents can see.
  • Recommendations for trusted loan professionals to help you with the right mortgage product to fit your needs.
  • My good working relationships with my peer agent community help with negotiations and inside information.
  • Access to off-market listings that fit your search and are not visible on public real estate websites.
  • Referrals to any kind of contractor you may need.  I have worked with lots of workmen/builders over the years for both listings and personal projects, and will pass them on to you as trusted service providers.

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