“Ceily handled every element of the sale of our home while we were unexpectedly out-of-state from sourcing and managing contractors, arranging vendors and movers, providing strategic guidance and recommendations (essentially serving as a real estate agent, general contractor, trusted advisor and life coach)!! The overall effort and result is beyond brilliant.”


“Ceily is a detail-oriented and knowledgeable agent. She always took her time to explain the details and processes to me. My discovery time took a little bit longer because I had a hard time to get the right house within my budget. However, she didn’t give up on me. And she continued to keep me in the loop whenever she found the houses that potentially fit my needs with the budget I had. I appreciated her patience and willingness to work with me. I was lucky to have Ceily, and of course, she got me a dream house.”


“Ceily helped us buy our dream home! Ceily is proactive and completely on top of her game — we were able to trust her implicitly that anything and everything that needed to happen during our transaction was not only on schedule but also well-thought through and done to perfection. I should also mention that when I reached out to the individuals she recommended, they all were so excited to work with her on our deal — she is obviously well respected and liked by the ecosystem she works in. Ceily’s expertise was invaluable and she took the time to make sure we understood exactly what the process is and how to maximize each step. We are delighted to recommend her!!!”

– Britt

“I had a great experience with Ceily! Buying a home in SF can be really daunting. It’s unlike any other market, so it is really important to choose an agent who knows how to navigate the buying process. I bid on 3 different places, and when I finally won (up against 9 others buyers) it was Ceily’s advice on a quick close and a compelling letter that put me over the top. She also referred me to an awesome lender who was able to handle a 10 day close. I highly recommend Ceily. She is awesome to work with – very responsive, knowledgable and personable. Ceily gets it done!”


“Throughout the process, Ceily was incredibly responsive through phone and text, pulled 2 offers super quickly together through her relationships with an experienced lender who was able to prequalify me immediately, met me at multiple properties on open house weekdays/weekends, got me insider info on what ranges I should think about when constructing an offer (but never pushed me into making a decision I was unsure about – I didn’t realize how important this was) and ended up giving me the best advice of all – never bid on a property I’m not totally in love with, regardless of how much I want to buy something quickly. This ended up being the best course of action because I made an offer on a condo I never thought I’d get that I am totally in love with, and I couldn’t have gotten it without Ceily’s guidance!”

– Kara

“My family and I are so lucky to have been able to work with Ceily on buying our first home in San Francisco. We had been considering buying for the last couple of years, and when we finally found our soon-to-be home Ceily was right there to support us from beginning to end. We were so impressed by her comprehensive knowledge, professionalism, organization, responsiveness, and diligence. She is a true expert and I can’t wait to recommend her to my friends and SF community. Thank you so much, Ceily!”

– Hanna

“From our first meeting with Ceily, we knew we were in great hands for the prep and sale of our duplex in San Francisco. The process started with a walkthrough, during which Ceily and Sherri were able to expertly assess what our place had to offer and what we could do to update it and increase the value to be competitive in the local market. At our next meeting, Ceily presented a detailed analysis of the neighborhood comps, showed us how homes performed that had certain updates vs. those that did not, and everything was backed up by numbers. She was able to quantify the added value of each upgrade. What we left with was a very realistic idea of how much our home would likely sell for if we opted in or out of doing updates. We ended up going with all of the recommended updates and Ceily expertly managed the entire remodeling process. We actually moved out of town before the work started and we were at ease knowing Ceily was handling everything. We didn’t have to come back to deal with a single thing. Communication was clear and prompt and we always had an idea of what was happening at our place. Any issues that came up were quickly resolved, and honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a smoother process!!! At the end of it, we had nine good offers and the final sale price exceeded our goal!”

– Kim

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